About Dorset Health and Care Partnership

The Dorset Health and Care Partnership is the name of Dorset’s integrated care partnership (ICP), which is part of the Our Dorset integrated care system. An ICP is a group of local health and care organisations working together to deliver the best possible improvements in health and wellbeing.

You can find out which organisations make up Dorset Health and Care Partnership on the Our Dorset website.

About 100 Conversations

There’s a lot that’s good about Dorset’s public services, and many people say they’re some of the best in the country. At the same time, we know we can do better. We want to listen and involve local people more in our planning, and in the way we deliver services.

Put simply, when the people who plan services (us) make assumptions about the people those services are for (you), it’s less likely to work out well.

It’s not just about public services. In fact, the role those services play in keeping people happy and healthy is more limited than we sometimes think.

There are loads of factors that can positively influence our day to day lives – family, friends, work, community activities, finances, our homes, the local  environment… it’s a big list.

Our role is not only to provide services, but to practically support those other things that keep people happy and well on a day-to-day basis. People and communities are more than able to help themselves, and we want to support those efforts, not get in the way of them.

We’re holding 100 conversations with local people in Dorset to find out what it means to people to live their best life.

We’ll be talking to people from all walks of life with a particular focus on wide representation across geography, age, sex, protected characteristics, deprived communities, minority communities and disability groups.

Next steps

We’ll be analysing the information people share during their conversations, listening out for:

  • Stories that could help people understand issues from a different or new perspective
  • Any themes that might emerge across different conversations
  • Direct quotes which usefully summarise an issue or a theme
  • Individual points of interest which could lead to helpful change

After that, we’ll also create a report which draws together all the insights we’ve heard from across the 100 conversations. This report will be shared with everyone who took part, and each of the organisations across Dorset Health and Care Partnership. It will also be used to inform the integrated care partnership (ICP) strategy, as well as the direction of future public engagement projects.