Our Vision

The Dorset ICS Health Inequalities programme aims to improve access, enhance the experience of services for everyone and seek to improve outcomes thereby reducing Health Inequalities.

Our Programme

Health Inequality Events

We held a Health Inequalities Symposium on 1st February 2023. Following on from this, we looked to create a community of practice event, which will took place in the Spring. Please click on the link below to read more about the Symposium.

Meet the Health Inequalities Team

Paul Iggulden
Paul IgguldenProgramme Director

Paul is a Public Health consultant with over twenty years’ experience in the public sector. Previously, he has worked for Torbay Council and the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. Paul’s unique skillset and experience makes him the perfect fit to oversee this programme for Dorset to eradicate health inequalities.

Rupert Lloyd
Rupert LloydSenior Health Programme Adviser

Rupert is an experienced advisor and project coordinator in Public Health Dorset. He is currently focusing on how anchor institutions can bridge the gap of health inequalities.

Cerys Pumphrey
Cerys PumphreyGraduate

Cerys is a graduate in the Graduate Management Training Scheme, currently placed in the Health Inequalities programme in Dorset. She joined in September 2021, and her main focus is raising awareness of health inequalities in Dorset.