The unjust and avoidable differences in health.

Ideas, programmes and projects on how we can tackle health inequalities.

The impact of deprivation on the ability to lead a healthy life.

Enable people to fulfil their potential and have control over their lives.

Enable people to make informed decisions about their health.

The provision of services to those with poorer access, experiences and health outcomes. This theme focuses on those who fall through the cracks of standard healthcare.

The impact of digital exclusion on health and how to include the excluded.

The impact protected characteristics have on health.

The impact of positive early experiences on reducing health inequalities.

How we can provide and promote employment protective of health.

How Dorset can collaborate to provide a preventative approach to the social determinants of health.

How and why we should create sustainable place and communities for health.

The library in a nutshell.

A collection of resources written for reducing health inequalities as an AHP.

The importance of kindness for good health and providing effective healthcare.

Have a look at how health inequalities are being tackled in your area, and the webinars which have taken place.

Interactive Resources

A collation of e-learning from different providers.

Interactive tools for investigating health inequalities further.