Working Better Together

Working Better Together

The point of a strategy is to explain where we are now, what we hope to achieve, and how we’re planning to do that. This strategy builds on previous plans for Dorset like the Sustainability and Transformation Plan and the NHS Long Term Plan. It sets out how the NHS, councils, and other partners within our integrated care partnership (ICP) will work together to make the best possible improvements in the health and wellbeing of local people. This means changing the way we work to provide the right health and care services across Dorset.

We need to do this to tackle the challenges around high demand for care and support. We also know that different people have different experiences when using health and care services – differences in what access they have to services, how they feel when using the services, and the outcome those services have on their health and wellbeing. These differences lead to inequalities in health that are both unjust and costly for people and communities.

Not only do we want to make sure everyone in Dorset has access to the right services at the right time, it’s also a legal duty for us to look at how we are reducing inequalities in health across our integrated care system (ICS), as stated in the 2022 Health Act. In this strategy we present the main things that people in Dorset have told us affect them, both good and bad. Where things aren’t working, we will look at what we can do to make things fair for everyone.

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