CAHPR (Council for Allied Health Professions Research) are holding a webinar on 24 April 2024 (12:00 to 14:00) on the topic of ‘Demonstrating impact in your practice’.

Impact measurement and evaluation provides a methodology which can be used to evaluate services, projects or other initiatives. Impact has been defined as the intended (or otherwise) effect on stakeholders (such as patients, carers and staff) that occur as a specific result of that organisations activities. Impact measurement uses qualitative and/or quantitative approaches based on theories-of-change to evaluate impact and communicate information on effectiveness, resource allocation and accountability.

This webinar will explore how impact evaluation can be used in clinical practice and provide a step-by-step approach to designing an impact measurement framework.

The webinar requires no previous knowledge of research and is suitable for all AHP clinicians and academics who are interested in better understanding whether your practice is making a difference.

For further information and booking details please see the CAHPR website.