The NHS is a hive of ideas, invention, research and quality improvement, yet the NHS does not have a good track record of adopting proven innovation at scale. Innovation has a role in improving outcomes, improving quality and enabling better value for money. Innovation can also be a key route toward staff retention.

The Dorset Innovation Hub (DIH) is represented by all partners: primary, community secondary and social care, academia, innovation, research, economy, industry. A core component in building a positive innovation culture is training the workforce to increase innovation literacy, increasing capability and capacity. This will ensure the long-term sustainability of the Hub and Dorset’s approach to adoption, building a foundation towards a systematic approach to adopting innovation.

Our training programme utilises specialist innovation training, e.g., defining innovation, problem definition and scoping and projects. We also utilise existing recognised training e.g. NHSi Quality Service Design and reconfiguration (QISR). This approach provides the best opportunity for the hub to increase the innovation literacy within the workforce and further support the development of a universal language enabling innovators to work seamlessly across the system.


(Available April 2022) If you would like to sign up to this 1 day training, please register to attend our training, please complete our registration form and we will be in touch.

NHS England » Quality, service improvement and redesign (QSIR)

The QSIR programmes are delivered in a variety of formats to suit different levels of improvement experience and are supported by publications that guide participants in the use of tried and tested improvement tools, and featured approaches, as well as encouraging reflective learning.

Project Management • Join Our Dorset

Project management lite covers the basics of project management, aimed at individuals who are new to project management, involved in projects, transformation or looking to refresh their knowledge. This training has been designed and is delivered by experienced experts from across ‘Our Dorset’, focusing upon providing the relevant tools and knowledge to help those delivering projects, transformation or COVID reset, recovery or task and finish groups within health and social care across the system. The course is open to both clinical and non-clinical staff across the system as is fully funded across the system. There will be four cohorts of training running next year, starting in January.


Our innovation training programme is being developed to provide practical skills for innovators and adopters.  If you would like to register to attend our training, please complete our registration form and we will be in touch.