BadgerNet Maternity is an electronic maternity healthcare record system. It allows real-time recording of all events wherever they occur: in the hospital, the community, or at home. This includes both high risk (consultant-led) and low risk (midwife-led) pregnancy pathways. Based on a woman-centred care model, the BadgerNet Maternity system features a portal for women to view and access their own maternity records online.

What are the patient benefits?

  • Safety assurance for mother and child as the pregnancy record is readily available and can be acted upon quickly when needed

  • One single system / single pregnancy record so that the whole pregnancy journey is in one place

  • Better accessibility for midwives (especially community midwives) who can access records via tablets

  • Significant saving of NHS work time by using MacroScheduler automation vs human tasks

  • Costs saved by using in-house experts to set up MacroScheduler automations vs purchasing an interface £5K-£15K

How is this being implemented in Dorset

  • A case study summarising implementation of BadgerNet at University Hospitals Dorset is available here.