It’s over a year since the emerging threat from COVID-19 saw the country brace itself for the pandemic and then move into a first lockdown.

During that time, people across Dorset have been following the guidance to keep themselves, their families, their friends and their colleagues as safe as possible.

From the very beginning, the NHS has been working flat out to treat patients as they became seriously unwell with the new illness, while keeping other urgent and emergency services running.

Given the falling hospital pressure and the success of the vaccination programme we are looking once more to catch up on the operations and other procedures that have been delayed since the start of the pandemic.

By drawing on the lessons of the last eighteen months, by working closely together and by deploying our staff and buildings to best effect, we and our partners want to make sure the legacy of the pandemic in Dorset is ultimately better health and wellbeing across the population, and better care for everyone.