About the DPEG

The Our Dorset Digital Public Engagement Group (DPEG) was formed in 2021.

It is made up of 42 members with a variety of lived experience across Dorset’s geography, demography and diversity, including those with existing long-term conditions who have an insight into using technologies to help manage and monitor their condition.

Dorset has been developing new digital applications to support our services in many different ways, and it’s vital that people have the opportunity to provide their views and feedback on what we are planning now, and how these online services will be provided in the future. This is the role the DPEG takes, offering invaluable advice and challenge to how we approach public engagement in relation to digital health and care.

The DPEG offers invaluable advice and challenge to how we approach public engagement in relation to digital health and care, to digitise, connect and transform services safely and securely. This will improve the outcomes, experience and safety for everyone in Dorset.

Join the DPEG

If you would like to find out more about the DPEG and get involved, please contact communication@nhsdorset.nhs.uk

Meet the DPEG

Jim McMahon

What excites me most about the DPEG is that we have a rich pool of knowledgeable, talented and enthusiastic members who, as a group of public representatives, share the responsibility of building a healthcare system we are proud of in Dorset.

Elayne Goulding

It is important that Dorset engages with patients from all demographics to ensure true equality, diversity and inclusion in all their services and especially when introducing new IT systems and digital transformation
for the future.

Mike Fletcher

 The NHS is a key institution in modern Britain. Its future development, hand in hand with delivering social care, crucially requires patient involvement. The PEG is a genuine forum for the patient voice to be heard in the shaping of health and social services.

Kirsty Seager

I believe everyone has a voice, and I am passionate about disability rights.

Julie Saunders

Being passionate about the benefits of being online and supporting digital inclusion, it’s great to be part of the DPEG.

Bob Avant

While I can use digital communications I feel all should have the same access and that the PEG should not be digitally bias.

Ian Gall

What impresses me most about the DPEG is the willingness and enthusiasm of our members to continue to be involved and engaged and to offer such rich and valuable insights and experience for the benefit of the health and social care landscape in Dorset.

Diane Smelt

I’m a self-taught silver-surfer with an interest in engaging with similar like-minded people who want to learn to surf the net and use digital tools and facilities to access local health and care services on their phones, tablets and laptops.

Janet Gee

We are part of the DPEG with a particular remit to put forward  Jewish perspectives which need to be considered as part of any plans and ideas.