Care in the comfort of your own home with the Oncology Monitoring @ Home Service.

Patients referred to the service will remain under the hospital’s care whilst being monitored remotely by the Oncology Monitoring @ Home team, using the website/app. There is also an automated telephone option for selected patients.  

Patients undergoing treatment will complete a questionnaire three times a week about their symptoms and submit temperature and other observations into the platform. This information can then be accessed by the clinical team to help them monitor the patient’s progress, providing patients with advice as required, keeping them safer but also ensuring early access to the hospital if needed. 

Patients can be monitored whilst undergoing oncology treatment in the comfort and familiarity of their own home. This has a positive effect on patients’ mental health and wellbeing which can help speed up recovery. 

In order to manage milder symptoms at home, patients are given early advice but are also guided to contact the hospital team if the symptoms are more concerning so that early hospital treatment can be started if needed.  

Some patients may feel reassured by continuous health monitoring. The Oncology Monitoring @ Home team may be in touch if adjustments need to be made to your care plan whilst you are at home. This may prevent a need for hospital admission.  

Simple and easy to use monitoring devices

Devices including a blood pressure monitor and pulse oximeter will be provided to enable the patient to submit their observations using the service powered by the Inhealthcare app, and the clinical team can monitor the patient’s progress remotely. 

What can a patient expect from the service?

Registering for the service

A nurse or doctor will assess whether the patient is eligible for the service.  

All accepted patients will be talked through the service and referred to the Oncology Monitoring @ Home team who will register them on the platform.  

Once they are registered by the team they will receive an email/SMS to complete registration. 

Monitoring at home

A member of the team will provide and show the patient how to use the devices that are needed to safely monitor their health at home. 

Submitting your readings

Patients will receive prompts to complete observations and a questionnaire 3x a week (Monday/Wednesday/Friday).

A patient’s readings can be accessed by the clinical team when they are asked to call the hotline.  

Patients can get in touch at any time with any treatment related concerns via the 24-hour emergency hotline. 

Amendments to your care 

The Oncology Monitoring @ Home team will be alerted if a patient’s treatment needs to be reviewed. 

Changes to their care plan can then be made by the clinical team 

System registration
Online portal user guide
Mobile app user guide

Discharge or referral to further care services 

Following their completion of care, patients will be discharged from the service. If necessary, patients may return to hospital for further treatment. 

Find out how to use the home monitoring equipment: 

Oxygen saturation – please check your oxygen saturation using your pulse oximeter. 

Pulse (heart rate) – please check the number of beats per minute using your oximeter. 

The make and model of the equipment provided to you may be different from the ones shown in the videos.

Useful information

24-hour emergency hotline for treatment related support: 07917 655 889

Oncology Monitoring @ Home team for IT equipment/support: (via oncology outpatient reception) 03000 193168