Remote monitoring service

You have been referred to the remote monitoring service for virtual wards so that we can monitor your condition remotely. Patients referred to this service will be monitored remotely by the remote monitoring team.

Someone using a tablet device
An image of someone taking their blood pressure


Once you have been referred into the service and accepted the service will be fully explained to you. They will ensure you have the correct equipment and an information pack. This will include a plan on what happens if there is an emergency escalation. You can then return to your usual residence.


Included in your welcome correspondence, there will be details on when you need to submit readings onto the system.

  • Oxygen saturation – please check your oxygen saturation using your oximeter

  • Temperature – please take your temperature using your own home thermometer (if you have one)

  • Breathing – count how many times you take a breath in a minute which is one count for a cycle of breathing in and out

  • Blood pressure monitor – please check your blood pressure measurements using the cuff

  • Questions such as whether you take supplementary oxygen and your current state of consciousness

An image of a thermometer


Upon your discharge from the service your equipment needs to be returned. Further information will be provided on how to do this.

An image of an oximeter

Videos on how to measure and correctly use equipment

Our team will monitor the readings that you submit and take appropriate action based on the plan in place for your monitoring.

The make and model of the equipment provided to you may be different from the ones shown in the videos.

If you become more unwell:

  • Never hesitate to ring 999 at any stage if you become more unwell and feel that it is a life-threatening situation. This system does not replace the need to ring 999 if it is a life-threatening situation.

If you become more unwell and you do not feel that it is life-threatening:

  • Between 8am to 4pm please call the team providing your care (as detailed in your welcome leaflet).
  • Between 4pm and 8am please call NHS 111, advising the call handler that you are under the care of the remote monitoring service for virtual wards.

The Remote Monitoring Service is provided in collaboration between Dorset Healthcare, University Hospitals Dorset, Dorset County Hospital, NHS Dorset and GP practices in Dorset.

Remote monitoring service for IT equipment/support: 01202 443878.